To Everyone who has a TV etc.

The Receiving Fee System

Japan’s Broadcast Law applies to all residents of Japan regardless of nationality. NHK was established under this law as the Japanese public broadcaster to be funded equitably by means of a receiving fee paid by all TV viewers in Japan. Accordingly, everyone who has installed a reception device is required by law to enter a receiving contract with NHK and pay the specified receiving fee.

Receiving Devices for which the Receiving Fee must be Paid

All TV sets, smartphones and PC’s that can receive NHK’s broadcasts incur the receiving fee

Types of Receiving Contract

The two kinds are:

  • The Satellite Contract(for both terrestrial and satellite broadcasts)
  • The Terrestrial Contract(for terrestrial broadcasts only)

Owners of TV sets etc. that can receive satellite broadcasts must apply for the Satellite Contract. Owners of TV sets etc. that can only receive terrestrial broadcasts must apply for the Terrestrial Contract.

The Receiving Fees and How to Pay Them

  • ・Credit card
  • ・Bank transfer
  • ・Invoice

You can pay by credit card or directly from your Japanese bank account. Alternatively, you can pay at banks, post offices or convenience stores by settling regular invoices posted to your address.

Payment can be made at 2, 6 or 12 monthly intervals. Discounts apply to the 6 and 12 monthly payments.

Contract Type Pay every 2 months Pay every 6 months Pay every 12 months
Satellite(Terrestrial Satellite broadcasts) ¥3,900 ¥11,186 ¥21,765
Terrestrial(Terrestrial broadcasts only) ¥2,200 ¥6,309 ¥12,276

※Consumption tax included
※Different rates apply in Okinawa

How to Obtain your Receiving Contract

By post: Telephone NHK to receive your contract form by post. Fill in the form as explained in the PDF document below and post the completed form back to NHK. Please be aware that you will also need to contact NHK to cancel the contract if you move away from Japan or cease to own a relevant reception device.
(The receiving fee will not be charged from the month after the contract has been cancelled.)

PDF download
(How to fill in your contract application form)

Receiving Fee Contract

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