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Do you have a Broadcast Receiving Contract with NHK?
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How do I enter into a Broadcast Receiving Contract? And what kinds of Contracts are there?
When you install the first TV set in your residence, please telephone NHK. NHK representative will call on you to arrange for the signing of the Contract. If you have a terrestrial TV set, you will be asked sign a Terrestrial Contract. If your TV set can receive satellite broadcasts, you will sign a Satellite Contract.
How is the Receiving Fee paid?
Receiving fees will be charged from the next month you installed a television set. Please contact NHK when you no longer need to pay receiving fees in the event you no longer possess a TV set or are leaving Japan. The receiving fees can be paid easily and conveniently either by credit card or automatically from your Japanese bank account.

The above are the preferred methods of payment, but receiving fees can also be paid at banks, post offices, and 24-hour convenience stores using the payment slips which can be regularly mailed to your home.

Payments can be made on a two-month payment, six-month payment, and twelve-month payment.

Account transfer
Collection by visits
Regular payment by postal order

Convenience store etc...

Regular payment by credit card

Why should I pay the TV Receiving Fee to NHK simply because I own a TV set?

The Broadcast Law of Japan (1950) applies to all residents of Japan, regardless of nationality. NHK is established under this law as a public broadcaster operated on the basis of receiving fees levied fairly on all viewers. Every owner of a television set is thereby required by law to enter into a Broadcast Receiving Contract with NHK and pay the appropriate receiving fee.

How many TV sets does a Broadcast Receiving Contract cover?
A Contract is to be signed by each household. Even if you have more than one TV set in your household, you only need to pay one Receiving Fee. But if you have more than one residence with a TV set, you are required to sign a Contract and pay a Receiving Fee for each residence.
In the case of an office, a Broadcast Receiving Contract is to be signed and the Receiving Fee is to be paid for each place where a TV set is installed. In case of a dormitory for singles, every person who own a TV set is required to sign a separate Contract.
Separate contracts for more than one residence
You only need to sign one contract no matter how many TV sets you have in your household.
One contract for each household in a multiple dwelling

PLEASE PHONE NHK in Japanese when:

  • you change your residence; and/or
  • you no longer own a TV set; and/or
  • you buy a TV set for the first time; and/or
  • you set up your TV set to receive satellite broadcasting
When phoning NHK, you are welcome to use the "NHK Free Dial"(toll-free)